Nàutic Parc

Parc Samà

Parc Samà is a 14-hectare open air historical garden with more than 2 km with one-way itineraries inhabited by more than 1,500 specimens of flora and fauna. We have taken all protection measures to make your visit safe.

A romantic garden, French parterres, a poetic and abstract forest, plane trees and reeds coexist with wisteria and bougainvillea. More than eight hundred palm trees, magical oak trees and elegant cedar and pine trees surround a lake where the ducks and turtles live.

Peacocks and pheasants play around its waterfall, witnesses of our visit. Parc Samà is a companion for our feelings, freedom and encounters.

It is romanticism, it is the garden of Parc Samà.


Adults (from 17 to 64 years old): 11€/person

Reduced (Child from 7 to 16 years old & Senior from 65 years old): 7€/person

Family pack (2 adults + 2 children): 29€/person

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